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This section includes key documents related to master consortium meetings. Each includes a brief summary of what took place in the meeting, as well as downloadable agendas for each meeting including meeting minutes at the end of each agenda. When available, links to downloadable PDFs of slides are also included.

Our Implementation Meetings
(Year 3)

Our Implementation Meetings
(Year 2)

January, 2022
The consortium skipped the December meeting for the Holiday season and reconvened in January to discuss sustainability and Harm reduction approaches. ​
February, 2022
At the February meeting Master Consortium members discussed an approach for an upcoming presentation, activities for the second half of year 3, and sustainability. ​
March, 2022
Seneca County showcased their Quick Response Team success and the Master Consortium discussed Ohio Senate Bill 296 which would revise the state law regarding harm reduction equipment such as naloxone and Fentanyl test strips. ​
April, 2022
Communities shared the carrer ladders that the workforce development working group had developed and reflected on the process and how these ladders will be used locally. As a master consortium, the team also strategized around showcasing acheivements and successes of the implementation grant. ​
May, 2022
The Master Consortium met to review the presentation for Ohio's 2022 Opiate & Other Drugs Conference. The consortium practiced their presentation and gave feedback for presenters. ​
June, 2022
Instead of meeting as a master consortium, the communities attended a two-part PTTC training in June.
July, 2022
August, 2022
TMaster Consortium members discussed plans for the no-cost extension granted from HRSA as well as plans for two new HRSA grants: COP-RCORP Psychostimulant and COP-RCORP Behavioral Health Services ​
November 24, 2020
In November, COP-RCORP met to finish end of year tasks related to sustainbility planning and fiscal concerns ​
January 26, 2021

COP-RCORP met to hear presentations from different organizations who help with CLAS trainings and then broke into two groups: workforce development and stigma

February 23, 2021
Guest speaker, Cheryll Moore, from the Erie County, NY Health Department shared her experiences with naloxone distribution and placement throughout her county. Consortium members then discussed new ways to distribute naloxone locally. ​
March 2021
Consortium members review upcoming tasks and discussed how to engage the community in communicating consortia work ​
April 27, 2021

Master Consortium members met to discuss plans for the rest of this year and how to distribute work

May, 2021

In May Master Consortium members discussed ways to communicate activities and accomplishments within and outside of the HRSA network. We also followed up on April meeting activities and discussed further CLAS trainings.

June, 2021
Amy Snodgrass presented on the HRSA community in West Virginia to reground the master consortium and communities hared accomplishments, hurdles, and promising practices.
July, 2021
COP-RCORP developed a presentation for the HRSA Region 5 Stigma meeting and discussed activities for Overdose Awareness day.
August, 2021
Special Guest, Deputy Director Bobbie Boyer, from OH Mental Health and Addication Services (OhioMHAS) spoke with the consortium members ​
September, 2021
COP-RCORP met to discuss and review activities and marketing implemented on Nation Overdose Awareness Day and to look forward to year 3 implementation activities.
October, 2021
Joe Savarise, the CEO of Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association, presented "Partnership for NaloxBoxes" to encourage more hotels in COP-RCORP funded areas to invest in NaloxBoxes.
November, 2021
COP-RCORP discussed the newly released fact sheet from HPIO to help guide planning further action against opioid use including supply and environmental concerns. ​

Our Implementation Meetings
(Year 1)

October 22, 2019
At our first meeting for the implementation period, we discussed a roadmap for meeting the key activities for implementation and how to amend MOUs for this phase of the initiative.
November 19, 2019
We decided to meet face to face to better understand how we could merge what we had planned to do in the first phase of the RCORP initiative with what was required under HRSA during the implementation phase.
November 26, 2019
After our face to face meeting, we convened on our regular virtual meeting to discuss relevant professional development opportunities and talk through how COP-RCORP consortium members wanted to address the sustainability plan as well as next steps in the 15 HRSA Implementation activities.
January 28, 2020
COP-RCORP met in the new year to remind all consortium members about the most pressing tasks to meet our implementation goals. The group is focusing on CLAS standards and naloxone. Naloxone will be am activity that consortium members tackle independently. CLAS standards will be discussed as a workgroup.
February 23, 2020
In our February meeting we discussed individual progress on Naloxone and CLAS workgroup progress. ​
April 28, 2020

COP-RCORP convened on April 28, 2020 to discuss leading during the time of COIVD-19. Discussion also centered around CERC and presenting the final guidance statement from the CLAS workgroup.

May 26, 2020
COP-RCORP members met to discuss approaches to prevention core activity 5, workforce development, and addressing stigma. The CLAS workgroup also shared their experience presenting to the Region V Opioid Taskforce meeting earlier that day.
June 23, 2020
In June, COP-RCORP met to continue work on workforce development and stigma. During this meeting, the CLAS workgroup also presented a dry run of their planned presentation to HRSA and JBS.
July 28, 2020
The July 2020 meeting introduced Erie county’s naloxone program and included discussion of other ways to get naloxone to needed populations. The consortium also focused on end of year reporting and break out groups for stigma and workforce development.
August 25, 2020
Members spent the August meeting discussing reporting requirements and deadlines that were upcoming as well as breaking out into workgroups to address stigma and workforce development.
September 22, 2020
Most of the September Master Consortium meeting was spent in break out groups for workforce development and Stigma. Please see the core activities pages related to these activities for more information.
October 27, 2020
At the October meeting, COP-RCORP was joined by representatives from Adams and Lawrence Counties in Ohio to discuss IOM prevention categories specifically, reaching selective and indicated populations. Before meeting as sub-groups on workforce and stigma, the full consortium also confirmed sustainability plans and reviewed updates from HRSA.